Carpet will always be a favourite with our clients. Enabling your floor to be warm, relaxing and soft to the touch, it is perfect in areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. Carpet can also be fitted as a way to sound-proof stairs and landings and comes in a huge range of patterns. Hamptons will help you every step of the way when choosing a perfect new carpet for your home.


 Brings Comfort & Warmth to Any Room

 Can Suit Any Style or Décor

 Adds Extra Insulation

 Increases Household Safety

 Traps Allergens & Dust Until Removal

 Costs Less to Maintain Than Hardwood

Domestic Suitability

 Stairs & Hallway

 Living Areas


 Offices & Retail Spaces

 Underfloor Heating (Water)

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Carpet will always be a classic choice when it comes to new flooring and is essential for bringing a warm cosy feeling to living areas or some lavish luxury to your master bedroom. Simply nothing compares to the feel of one of Hamptons quality carpets under your feet, and the softness of carpeting also reduces the risk of injury from a fall – particularly important for those of us with little ones to think about!

While carpet will require some maintenance and regular vacuuming, it is far less labour intensive to clean than a hard surface floor, which will save you money over time. There's simply no substitute for warmth and overall comfort.

One of the huge advantages of choosing carpet for your floor is the incredible range of colours, patterns, styles and materials available. No matter what kind of style statement you are trying to make, there will be a carpet that matches the room scheme or décor you have in mind. A luxurious new carpet is key to subtly creating the image you want for your home or retail space. Choosing a darker colour will give your home a warm cosy vibe, while lighter colours bring a homey welcoming feel to any room. You can even use different carpets to construct a unique setting in each space, or simply breathe life into a tired old room.

Carpet will also provide an incredible amount of insulation value when compared to hard surface flooring, especially when a thick under-padding is used and a denser carpet texture – well worth splashing out for in areas that get particularly cold. This will save a huge amount of energy over time. Wall to wall carpet will also help soundproof your entire room, absorbing sound and improving the acoustics. Hamptons Floor Store has a huge range of carpets available to suit your every need. Get in touch today!

To enquire about our carpets, or book a free consultation to see samples please fill out the form above.

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