Hamptons Floor Store Artificial Grass Guide For 2021

Artificial Grass Guide For 2022

Maintaining the garden areas of our homes to a high standard throughout the year can be a difficult task. Living in Ireland where we experience all four seasons (sometimes all within one day) we are well used to our gardens only being functional and attractive during warmer days in Summer. For this reason more and more of Hamptons Floor Store's customers in Dublin and beyond are enquiring about our artificial grass. As the quality of fake grass has improved drastically in the past few years and it looks far more realistic; many people are using synthetic grass to kit out their dream garden, outdoor area or commercial space, keeping it looking beautiful all year round!


Hamptons use the most modern, high quality artificial grass available that is designed to look as realistic as possible; when laid out in your garden, it will give the area the appearance of fresh green grass throughout the year. It is also incredibly low maintenance and will require only minor care throughout the year compared to the cost and effort of maintaining real grass as the seasons change. Whether you find it difficult to tend to your current garden, or simply don't have the time to carry out the constant upkeep, artificial grass will breathe new life into your tired outdoor area while also being completely safe and hygienic.

Probably the most desirable quality of artificial grass is the lack of maintenance involved to create a beautiful outdoor space; making it perfect for various different gardens, or awkwardly shaped smaller areas. Incredibly easy to clean, all that is required is the occasional hosing, brush (or even a hoover) to get rid of dirt and debris and keep your artificial grass looking pristine and proper. It's also child and pet friendly, with removal of pet waste quick and painless. Our synthetic grass is guaranteed not to fade and does not require and trimming, mowing, watering or any other kind of treatment other than occasional quick clean. Hamptons grass is also shed resistant and the turf will remain thick and firm for many years, compared to real grass which flattens and fades quickly with heavy usage.

But what makes Hamptons artificial grass method superior to our competitors?

Hamptons Portrush artificial grass has to be laid out over flattened sand and gravel, we do not just roll it out like some other companies. We excavate the existing garden out 8 inches down, timber frame the entire area and fill it with sand and gravel; before flattening the materials and pinning the grass over the garden area. Hamptons also cover the cost of disposal. Quotes can add up for larger areas but will result in a 20 year full maintenance free garden!

Our stunning Portrush Artificial Grass, now available through our Click & Collect service. With Humm by Flexi-Fi Finance also available, our customers can now achieve their Dream Garden from as little as €29 per week!


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