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Hamptons Floor Store New Build Flooring Guide

3 things to consider when choosing flooring for your New Build in 2022

At Hamptons we understand that buying a house can be a daunting process for first-time buyers, even before the hidden costs of insurance, agent fees and maintenance; so we've compiled a quick guide to flooring for new builds to help you stay on trend and on budget. 


Opting for cheaper, low-quality flooring may seem easier on your pocket at first, but can lead to repair and replacement costs down the line; so selecting the right flooring and carpet for your new home is essential. To help you make the right choice, Hamptons have selected the most popular flooring options for the concerns that matter the most to our first-time buyer customers! 

1. Durability

Flooring durability is an incredibly important factor for most first time buyers. Your new floors need to be durable enough to tackle day to day life (especially for growing families), while staying cost effective and retaining that new floor look for longer. For this reason, Hamptons typically recommend laminates of a higher thickness for new builds.

Laminate flooring is a more economical option than wood flooring, but simulates the look of wood with added benefits. It is incredibly durable, perfect for absorbing the heavy footfall of a young family and resistant to water. Modern laminates can even be used in your kitchen and bathroom, as well as classic rooms such as hallways and living rooms.

Each of Hamptons Floor Store's laminate floors come with a full warranty and have been finely crafted with longer lasting durability in mind; ensuring they stay beautiful and remain hard wearing for years to come. For high traffic areas like your kitchen and hallway, Hamptons recommend a 12mm AC5 rated commercial grade laminate like our popular New York Oak.

2. Versatility

For those seeking an incredibly versatile option, look no further than wood flooring. With a number of styles to choose from, you can effortlessly create a rustic or contemporary look for your new home. This classic choice works perfectly in several rooms including hallways, living rooms and bedrooms but is unsuitable for bathrooms due to moisture absorption. 


There is a huge range of hardwood finishes and colours to choose from, and wood floors will remain impressive and suit any style you choose for your interior. You can rest assured that your beautiful solid wood floors will never clash with your décor, even if your style changes several times over the years!

Hamptons also recommend carpet for those seeking versatility. While carpet has always been a popular and practical choice, its huge range of colours and styles also make it suitable for many rooms in the house. Nothing compares to the feel of a soft-touch carpet under your feet, and one of Hamptons luxury 50oz carpets will instantly transform how a tired room looks and feels. With a number of colours and materials available, there will always be a carpet that matches your dream décor or the colour scheme of a room.

3. Cost

Carpet is also our choice for the most cost effective flooring option. While Hamptons do not stock carpets made of cheaper materials, Carpet is an easy choice for transforming several rooms in your new build quickly and effectively, while staying on budget. Note that while carpet may cost less than laminate or wood flooring initially, it will require some maintenance and replacement sooner than these options.

Laminate flooring is another easy to recommend option for first time buyers working within a budget. The majority of the new builds we worked on last year chose laminate, and with Hamptons large range of beautiful natural-look laminate flooring, our customers can easily give their new home the real wood look for a fraction of the price.

For those with a mind to resell in a few years time, there's simply no better long term investment than wood floors. Although the initial costs will be more than other flooring types, a new solid wood floor can instantly increase the value of your new build; often considerably more than the cost of fitting. Estate agents will tell you that properties with wood flooring sell faster than those with other products; so your wood floors will be a strong resale factor alone!

Which is the best option for me?

These are just a few of the considerations you will need to keep in mind before choosing floors for your new build, but rest assured Hamptons Floor Store will be with you every step of the way to advise and keeps things as hassle free as possible. With finance also available from Humm Flexi-Fi for as little as €29 per week, Hamptons can help you spread the cost of your flooring dream! Only trust Ireland's top reviewed flooring company to turn your New Build into a Home. Get in touch today to book your free home consultation.



01/11/2019 by Simone Creely

Hi there, We are in the final stage of closing the sale of a new build house in Edenbrook Citywest. The house is around 110 sqm, 3 bedroom standard end of terrace. We would like to get a quote for full laminate 12mm in the whole house. Viewing to measure can be arranged already. Please let me know what else you need. We can also pop into the shop if thats better? Thanks a lot, Simone Creely

16/11/2020 by Silvija Urbonaviciene

We are getting a new build house Carlow. For growing family need a durable laminate for 100 sqm. Would you be able to advice the price range we will looking at? We obviously on a budget. Thank you

15/12/2020 by Ritesh Sah

We are planning to buy a new build.Would like to get laminate or wood flooring for the rooms and tiles for the bathrooms.Would you be able to give a cost estimate. Thanks

09/03/2021 by Genadijs

Hello. We have a new 3 bedroom house We wanted to install laminate flooring 8mmgrey in the rooms, tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms.115sqm Could you give us an estimate. thanks

30/04/2021 by Kasia

Hi, We are buying the apartment, the flooring we will need its around 65 sqm, i just wonder what will be the total cost of the wooden floor with installation, an exemple, i know it depends of the wood but around what cost it might be. I also wonder how much time it takes to do it? Thank you. Regards, Kasia

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